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Here you will find videos, audios, pictures and texts about the Quedlinburg Cathedral Treasury. In addition, you will also find content about the church district of Halberstadt. We would like to tell you stories and thus bring you closer to places, works, processes and also people.


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With heart and soul - Domschatz Quedlinburg - Sign language

Devotion and reverence, splendour and myth. A cathedral treasure is different from other treasures.

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What was a day like in the collegiate school?

Did the women and girls actually only look out of the window? - No, there was a lot of learning and praying.

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Welcome to the nave of the collegiate church

We are here in a high Romanesque basilica. Basilica originally means market hall. This type of construction is characterized by the fact that the side…

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Was ist das auf dem Altar?

Die Dinge auf dem Altar sind in fast jeder Kirche gleich. Was hat es damit auf sich?

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The Samuhel Gospels

The Samuhel Gospels in the Quedlinburg Cathedral Treasury is one of the most famous pieces in the collection.


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The crypt - Memoria then and now

We will not be able to clarify exactly what reasons Henry I had for determining his burial place in Quedlinburg of all places. What we can say is that…

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leichte Sprache

The Catherine Reliquary

The Katharinenreliquiar in the Quedlinburger Schatz is a wonderfully preserved example of gilded drift work of the High Middle Ages.

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Gebärdenspracheleichte Sprache

Stiftskirche Panoramabilder

Kugelpanorama aus der Stiftskirche St. Servatii

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Memoria in the convent

The crypt and the commemoration of the dead in the Damenstift.

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Memoria at the Damenstift - Video with sign language

The Quedlinburg Ladies' Monastery was founded to commemorate the dead of Henry I and his family. We take a short look at the burial place and learn…

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Die Schuke Orgel der Stiftskirche Quedlinburg

Wir waren bei Umbauarbeiten an der Orgel dabei, konnten einen Blick hinein werfen und auch mal lauschen.

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Das Grab Heinrichs I. in der Krypta

Heinrich I. ist verschwunden. War das schon immer so? ein Fachtext

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Cathedral treasure - to read

If you look around an ecclesiastical treasury, you will discover boxes and other vessels, as well as books, crosses and other objects. Most of them…

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Abbess Adelheid I in the crypt

What gravestones tell...

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