For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

The cathedral|treasure in easy language

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


The cathedral treasure


The cathedral treasure is world famous.

Think of a treasure.

Is it a person or is it a thing?

In the cathedral treasure of Quedlinburg it is things.

They are richly decorated and shine wonderfully.


Things take us back in time.

There were special people.

They healed the sick and performed miracles.

They were revered as saints.


When they died, they kept their bones,

teeth and hair were kept.

And also the rings, clothes or...

other things.

All these things are called relics.



People believed:

that if they touched the relics,

they would become healthy and strong.

That was the belief.


Relics are wrapped in precious fabrics.

For example, in silk.

The cloth packages with the relics...

are kept in special boxes.

The boxes are decorated with gold and precious stones.


In those days, many people made pilgrimages

to the places with relics.

They often traveled very far.

Also to Quedlinburg.

Touching relics

was a matter of the heart for every Christian.





There are also very expensive books in the cathedral treasury.

They are Christian books.

In the books is the message of Jesus Christ.

The letters are sometimes painted with gold.

The pictures in the books are colorful.

The book∙ cover is richly decorated.


The treasure is stolen

During World War II, the treasure was hidden.

In a cave.

Two men guard it.

When the war is over,

American soldiers come.

An officer sends the precious relics...

...and books home.


To America.

The treasure is stolen.

The Kirchen∙gemeinde is very sad.



The officer died 40 years ago.

His heirs want to sell the treasure.

The people of Quedlinburg hear about it.

The parish wants the treasure back.

to get the treasure back.

It's hard.

But it works out.


In 1993, the treasure comes back.

All the people in Quedlinburg are happy.

Now all interested people

can admire the treasure.

Two pieces are still missing.

Maybe someone will find them.








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